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iHunt Review

We at STP have resolved to systematically review every last one of the Most Popular games on the App Store. Today, our site’s set (ha!) on iHunt, a former champ of the charts that has fallen all the way to #63 on AppShopper’s Paid App list as of this writing. iHunt’s not terrible for a 99 cent timewaster, but you’re going to get what you pay for: a limited shooting gallery app that is neither realistic nor replayable.

iHunt’s gameplay options are simplicity itself. You choose your target from deer, pheasant or clay pigeons; you pick a difficulty level; you grab a rifle or a shotgun, and off you go.

By default, you’re looking at the entire hunting ground in landscape view, allowing you to see your prey enter the field from the sides or the bottom of the screen. You take aim by tapping on the screen, which zooms you in and brings up a crosshair. At that point, the crosshair control switches to tilt, and a fire button lets off a round.

This control scheme is simple, but effective, and we liked it a lot after a little practice. The lovely high-fidelity nature photography used for the backgrounds is also nice.

Unfortunately, the rest of iHunt doesn’t hold up. You’re given a limited number of shots to bag as much game as you can, and that’s it; wash, rinse, repeat. There’s only local high scoring, so the game lacks any competitive element to keep things interesting. Plus, the animals are barely animated (the pheasants sail right across the screen like they’re stuffed birds), and the guns play virtually identically.

If you must have a hunting game on your iPhone, iHunt may entertain you for a bit, but it’s going to wear thin in a hurry. There are much, much better ways to spend a buck on the App Store these days.

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