iGameStats Reveals Top-Rated Publishers of the Quarter

iGameStats, a Metacritic-like website that tracks review scores for iPhone games, has released their list of the top-rated publishers for the second quarter of 2010. Some of the results may surprise you.

iGameStats uses Slide To Play review scores in their calculations, along with reviews from other top review sites like IGN Wireless, Pocket Gamer, and TouchGen. You can view the full results for Q2 here, and last quarter’s results here.

Most surprising to us was Capcom’s place at the top of the list. They released only two games in the last quarter, Dark Void Zero and Phoenix Wright. Street Fighter IV received a higher average score, but that was released back in Q1.

Freeverse came in second place, a repeat of their performance last quarter, with Pride and Prejudice and Zombies, Flick Baseball Pro, and Warpgate HD.

Third place last quarter belongs to Revolutionary Concepts, a smaller publisher who brought us Karate Champ and Banzai Rabbit last quarter. Major publishers Bulkypix, Vivendi, Chillingo, Namco, Gameloft, EA, and Sega round out the top ten. Of all of those, only Chillingo also made the list last quarter.

Analyzing critics’ scores of iPhone games is an important task for consumers, and we’re glad iGameStats is doing the hard work. Metacritic doesn’t regularly cover iPhone games, but instead compiles a monthly feature with iPhone game scores, including those from Slide To Play.

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