iCycle Hands-On Preview

If you’ve played the mind-bending iPad game Wonderputt, then you know developer Damp Gnat has a unique way of looking at the world. Their next game is called iCycle. It’s a side-scrolling platformer with about as much in common with other platformers as Wonderputt has with a real putt putt course. In other words, not much.


iCycle is about a man on a bicycle, riding through a crazy, artistic landscape. Using buttons to move forward, backward and jump, you direct him through a zany wonderland of clouds, rainbows, moving parts, and fish-headed women. It’s a bizarre, unpredictable world that ensures you never have any idea what’s waiting for you on the next screen.


After a few levels of standard platforming, you find an umbrella that lets you float gently downward instead of falling quickly to your death. This opens up levels that are more vertical than horizontal. In one level, we drifted downward through an ice shaft that lasted several screens, gliding left and right to avoid spikes. A giant fish frozen in the ice proved enough of a visual distraction to cause at least one death.


The gameplay is very simple, so it’s not all that surprising that iCycle began life as a Flash game (you can play it here). The iOS game will be a totally revamped version on the game. In fact, the original Flash game will also be included in the iOS download. We had a lot of fun cycling through the crazy, beautiful, unpredictable world of iCycle. Look for it on the App Store sometime this spring.

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