iBomber Attack

iBomber Attack is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iBomber Attack Review

A long time ago in a childhood far, far away, we used to play an NES game called Jackal. It was an intense top-down, vehicle based shooter that took you through war-torn lands and enemy strongholds in order to rescue prisoners and defeat the faceless villains. Now comes iBomber Attack from Cobra Mobile and Chillingo, and while it is a continuation of iBomber series for iOS, it’s also a continuation of the happy clappy feelings we got while playing games like Jackal back in the day.

So iBomber Attack doesn’t attempt to reinvent the wheel as far as action games go. It’s a twin-stick shooter where you control a tank rampaging through 24 levels in an attempt to stop the Germans from developing and utilizing crazy scary weapons of war. You’ll travel through forests, deserts, and go deep behind enemy lines in order to stop ‘Fritz’ from carrying out his nefarious plans. The enemies get more brutal, more inventive and their armaments get more insane with every passing level.

Pew pew pew.

Missions can range from anything as simple as just blowing up arms depots and rescuing hostages, to the more complex things like figuring out how to get out of a huge, well protected enemy bunker. The levels are expansive are dangerous, full of smart enemies that use all kinds of obnoxious tactics to draw you out and blow your armor to smithereens.

iBomber-Attack is one of the most intense games you’ll find for iOS. Even on Easy mode, this is a game that will test all of your best twitchy trigger-finger skills. Enemies come from all sides, and sometimes from above, always with new ways to stop you in your tracks.

Point blank.

As you progress through the game you can spend gold that you ‘liberate’ from the enemies in order to buy bigger and better weapons and slots to put those weapons in. Bombs, bunker-busters, machine guns, and flamethrowers are just some of the weapons you can buy and outfit your tank with. As is normal for any game these days, you can spend real world money to get even more gold, but we never felt like this was necessary. You can also spend ‘Command Points’ that you get at the end of each level to upgrade things like your tank’s armor, speed, and ramming power– our personal favorite– which lets you bulldoze through structures and crush the puny soldiers that are silly enough to get in your way.

iBomber Attack is a straight-to-the-point, no-nonsense kind of game. Sometimes you don’t need to do something radically different or crazy to be good, you just need to be good. iBomber Attack has fantastic graphics, great ways to customize your tank, and will take you into some of the most fierce battles you’ve played. It also happens to be a crazy, stupid amount of fun to play.

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