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iBlast Moki Review

The toolset in most physics games we play usually come down to ropes, rods, and wheels. iBlast Moki has all of those, but also throws in balloons and, as you might guess by the game’s title, ticking time bombs that you can set to the precise millisecond you want them to detonate. With this combination, you can make your way through just about any course imaginable.

iBlast Moki requires you to move little blobs called Mokis to a portal, using by either bomb blasts, helium balloons, or wacky self-propelling contraptions. The dozens of levels grow increasingly complex, giving you new tools and strategies to pick up along the way. A few of the more interesting recurring obstacles include sets of doors you must blast open and piles of falling rocks to divert.


Fine-tuning your tools requires absolute precision and timing. We were stumped by more than a few of the levels, but it takes just a few moments to reset any level and start again from scratch. We did wish that the game gave us a hint when we were feeling frustrated. Puzzle fanatics, however, will appreciate how tough this game can be.

If the game’s premade levels are not enough of a challenge, you can also create your own and share them easily with the iBlast Moki community. Already there are over a hundred user-made levels that can easily double the amount of hours you’ll spend with this game. If you find yourself engrossed by the concept, the level editor pushes this game over the top.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water.

Even if you’re just a casual puzzle fan, the personality in each of the Mokis is what really helps make this title special. Your Mokis will usually doze for a bit before a bomb blast sets them smoldering and airborne. The premade level designs themselves also carry a lot of charm, with all kinds of tricks and obstacles that were clearly put there to test you.

Few puzzle games are half as charming as iBlast Moki, and the level editor is a crucial addition to make this title endlessly replayable. We could find almost no fault with this cute, challenging physics toolbox. It’s also incredibly cheap, considering how much content you can find inside. Don’t hesitate to buy this game, especially if you love tough physics puzzlers like Enigmo or Magnificent Gizmos and Gadgets.

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iBlast Moki Hands-On

Physics games are plentiful on the App Store, that’s for sure. However, every once in a while a physics game comes along that takes us by surprise, like Ragdoll Blaster or Perfect Balance. Even though it is still in alpha stage, Godzilab Game’s upcoming iBlast Moki could be the next one on our list.

In iBlast Moki, gameplay comes down to placing bombs on the screen that blast the incredibly cute Mokis in one direction. The goal is to get them into a portal at the end of the level. Each ‘world’ (there are six in all plus unlockable content, although we only got to play the first three for this preview) incorporate different game mechanics like floating in water or obstacles like rotating wheels and rising balloons.

These, combined with a wheel around each bomb that adjusts when it will explode, and the task of assisting multiple Mokis to the goal, make the game challenging and kept us interested as we progressed.

iBlast Moki’s developer also shared with us some possibilities for updates once the game is live. ‘We are planning to release several new worlds with completely new graphics, new items and new gameplay, as part of several updates,’ said the developer, who goes by the nickname “Moleki”. ‘Something we’d really like to do is push more towards new physics environment like space, but also play with new mechanisms and new type of items or weapons like RPG, sticky bombs, fans, teleportation portals, etc.’

The game’s graphics can be described in one word: adorable. The joyous Mokis and vibrant environments are along the lines of Dizzy Bee’s charm. Even when a Moki is being blown halfway across the screen, the mood remains merry. It is obvious that the developer is putting a lot of effort into making the game pure eye candy due to all of the little details, from silly expressions on the creatures’ faces to the colorful explosion of a bomb. While the game’s look is still receiving some finishing touches, iBlast Moki could be described as a wolf in sheep clothing.

What makes iBlast Moki really stand out from the pack, however, is the inclusion of an in-game level editor. This allows players to create their own content using any type of obstacle included in the game. There will also be a choice of physics type (normal or water) once the game launches, although we did not get a chance to look at this for the preview.

Once you create a level, you can test it, save it, and (most importantly) upload it online for other people to play by downloading it in the game. While this is still incomplete, the developer told us that the release version would include a rating system, search integration, and the ability to subscribe to another user’s levels if you would like to play more of their creations.

We are curious to see how the game will turn out, as it appears to be a fresh take on a stale genre. iBlast Moki will be priced at $1.99 and is expected to launch later this summer.