iBlast Moki HD

iBlast Moki HD is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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iBlast Moki HD to Explode onto the iPad

If there were one physics game meant to be played on a big screen, it would be iBlast Moki. So it comes without surprise, although with much joy, that Godzilab Games has revealed iBlast Moki HD for the iPad.

The graphics have been remade in high resolution for a crisp display on the iPad (see the full-sized screenshots to the right). Each level has also been revisited to provide an even better player experience. The engine will make use of the larger iPad screen, which will make solving larger puzzles and using the level editor much easier.

Also interesting is the fact that the game will use a new, iPad-optimized version of Plus+. We currently have no further information on this but will give you more details as we get them.

We absolutely loved iBlast Moki in our review and can’t wait to blast our mokis on the big screen. Godzilab Games plans to have the game ready for sale at or close to launch on April 3, so look for it then.

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