I Love Strawberries

I Love Strawberries is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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I Love Strawberries Review

I Love Strawberries breaks the iPhone gaming trend of fruit and vegetables getting sliced up. Instead, you help Box Boy spring through carefully designed levels to reach the big strawberry at the end. It’s actually a ton of fun, even if the overall experience is short-lived.

Gameplay is pretty simply in I Love Strawberries: Just tilt or drag an arrow to control the direction and velocity of Box Boy’s jumps. On your quest, you’ll face a series of lengthy and extremely well-designed levels. Each of the five areas includes nine levels, and each introduces a new gameplay mechanic such as springs, conveyor belts, and lasers.

Strawberry fields forever.

I Love Strawberries is full of personality, thanks to the seemingly endless amount of expressions Box Boy has. These are hilarious, and range from a troll face to Frankenstein and even anime. We often found ourselves forgetting about the game in favor of hitting the suicide button over and over again in order to take in these adorable expressions.

With only 45 levels, I Love Strawberries falls on the short side. While later levels require patience to complete, the majority of the game can be blown through quite easily. Plus, unless you enjoy getting gold medals on every level in a game, there isn’t much replay value.

That said, I Love Strawberries costs only $0.99, a bargain for what you do get. Puzzle fans shouldn’t hesitate to pick up this game. If I Love Strawberries is any indication, It looks like Atari may be one of the publishers to watch out for on the App Store this year.

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