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I Dig It Expeditions is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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I Dig It Expeditions Review

Despite a few flaws, we really enjoyed the original I Dig It and saw huge potential in that creative, craftily designed game. The developers clearly saw the same flaws and potential, and for the sequel have upgraded the gameplay with the equivalent of a titanium hull, liquid nitrogen cooling system, and diamond-tipped drill bit.

In I Dig It Expeditions, you guide a tunneling machine called a digger through three huge environments, set in Antarctica, South America, and the Indian Ocean. These new locations offer much more variety than the North American farmland seen in the first game. The Ocean level, for example, has you using up oxygen (which is free and plentiful at the surface and in special underground air pockets) instead of fuel, and the South American level introduces giant ants as enemies that can rip up your ship’s hull.

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In each stage, you can dig your own path, often guided gently by the game towards quest items like pieces of a pirate flag, Azetec pottery, and other unique treasures. Optionally, you can also haul up gems, minerals, artifacts, and strangely exciting objects like alien skulls and UFOs. Each item pays out cash when you bring it to the surface, and you can then upgrade your digger to go deeper and further than before.

The number one reason to buy this game is for the incredible value you’ll get. While each mission plays similarly, there are three big expeditions lasting two to three hours each, plus a variety of side challenges. Overall, this game can last you around 10-15 hours, which is a huge amount of content for an iPhone game.

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Several minor updates also streamline the gameplay experience, making this a much more accessible game than the first. A sonar map is a button press away, meaning it’s much harder to get lost in your own tunnels. You can also quicksave every time you surface, and turning the phone off or receiving a call mid-mission will let you resume in the exact same spot you left off. The game also introduces consumables like dynamite for solving puzzles, and spare fuel to get you out of a tight spot.

We were extremely impressed with I Dig It Expeditions. Whether you’re gassing monster ants or riding an underwater current, the game regularly throws in new twists on an already enjoyable formula. It’s a lengthy experience, absorbing and addicting, making Expeditions less of a game for the bus ride and more for an afternoon or two. Without hesitation, we say buy this game.

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