Hysteria Project 2

Hysteria Project 2 is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Hysteria Project 2 Review

There are a lot of different ways to die in Hysteria Project 2, and we experienced just about all of them. We faced fire, electrical shock, poisonous gas, razor-sharp laser beams, and a scary guy with an axe. The first time you play through Hysteria Project 2, you’ll die a lot, too, before you know what you’re supposed to do to survive.

Hysteria Project 2 is a sequel to the full-motion video survival horror game of a few years ago. In the first game, you played as a captive of a murderer known as “13”, who wielded an axe and disguised his identity with a gray hoodie. The first Hysteria Project, we thought, was a dull collection of shaky camerawork, jump-scares, and pitiful puzzles.

Red line of death.

The sequel makes some improvements, most notably in its puzzles, and the shaky-cam and jump scares are barely changed. Hysteria Project 2 maintains the same creepy atmosphere, but expands the puzzles to something more closely resembling a minigame collection like A.D.D. or Crazy Test. The only difference is, if you fail these minigames, it’s your life.

Some of the more clever minigames involve swiping your finger to the side to maintain your balance while running, or holding a cabinet door open just enough to keep it from slamming shut and alerting your pursuer. Full-motion video sequences play out during these dramatic minigames, and we enjoyed Hysteria Project 2’s new location, a research facility, over the original game’s forest.

The doctor will slay you now.

Hysteria Project 2 also has a more interesting story than the last game. Instead of just trying to survive, there’s a bit of a mystery for your to uncover. This sequel also introduces one new character, a research assistant who guides you through some of the more harrowing survival sequences.

Although Hysteria Project 2 is more fun to play than the original, it’s still a very brief and unsatisfying game. We encountered almost every possible death in the game, but the entire experience lasted under an hour, and we see no reason to play through it again. Hysteria Project 2 does offer Game Center achievements, though, and a few hidden pages of background story that you can snag on a second playthrough once you know how to survive.

It’s still short and schlocky, but Hysteria Project 2 is good for a cheap scare. The puzzles are better than they were in the last game, but they still don’t make this installment memorable, and we have to wonder if the Hysteria Project series isn’t better suited for YouTube instead.

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