Hungry Shark

Hungry Shark is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Hungry Shark Review

If you watch Jaws and feel sorry for the soulless, black-eyed beast, then Hungry Shark is right up your alley. In this game you take control of a shark with an overactive metabolism and gobble up just about everything you come across.

We say “just about everything” because, big as you are, some things in the sea can do you harm. For instance, jellyfish and underwater mines should always be avoided, while puffer fish, swordfish, and angler fish can be chomped if you go about it right. But everything else, from seagulls and fish to unlucky scuba divers, can be eaten with immunity.

Om nom nom.

Eating fills your health bar, while going without food or getting injured takes away from it. So you’ll spend the whole game swimming around the sea, constantly looking for creatures to swallow. And since this is a high score game, there’s no end to it. You’re just trying to outdo your previous scores and the scores of other players on the leaderboards.

Tilt controls are your only option, and they work reasonably well. Besides some Jaws-inspired music and an assortment of chomping sounds, there’s not much going on aurally under the sea. On the other hand, you’ll stumble across lots of interesting things as you explore the enormous world, like a dynamite-flinging fisherman and the occasional moon on a stick (it looks just how it sounds).

The dangers of the deep.

When you eat anything, from the smallest fish on up, a strikingly large amount of blood clouds the water around you. We found this funny, but friends of shark attack victims might take umbrage. Others might think the game is too easy, and the case could certainly be made for that. But we had a great time exploring the gameworld, and were glad that death was easily avoidable.

Overall, Hungry Shark is more about swimming around and having fun than about giving yourself a challenge. Because there’s not much to do other than explore and eat, it won’t keep you occupied for long; but if you give it a chance, you’ll find that the underwater world is surprisingly expansive and full of interesting things. If that’s enough to make you happy, then Hungry Shark satisfies.

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