Hudson Announces TurboGrafx-16 Emulator for iPhone

Today Hudson Entertainment announced a “winter” release for TurboGrafx Gamebox, an iOS application that will let users download individual TurboGrafx games. The app comes with one free game, World Sports Competition, and will have 15 more games at launch for $3.99 each.

In a nice try-before-you buy feature, you’ll also be able to play one Hudson-selected game for three minutes every day. New games will be added “frequently to meet user demand,” a press release said.

We think this is a great move, one that follows Capcom’s recently-released Capcom Arcade and Sega’s less uniform piecemeal approach for Genesis games. $3.99 sounds a little steep to us for 20-year old games, though.

The games list hasn’t been announced yet, but we’re expecting to see some of the big names come out for this launch, like Bonk, Bomberman, and Adventure Island. We’ll have more for you on TurboGrafx Gamebox as soon as we hear about it.

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