Social Building Game ‘Supernauts’ Released

Supernauts has just hit the App Store, and it looks like a lot of fun. Described as a social building game, Supernauts has you control a cartoonish character in a super colorful world, building whatever kinds of constructions you want, Minecraft-style. It’s also free, which is nice.


In the game, the world has undergone a flood of biblical proportions, and it’s up to players to rebuild it in whatever image they want. You can play through a series of single-player missions that show you the ropes of building a world, and then graduate to more puzzle-style rescue missions. Throw in some multiplayer hijinks and escalating complexity, and you’re looking at a decent way to spend a few hours.

If Supernauts looks like your kind of thing, you can check out a full (glowing) review at 148 Apps, or just download it for free here.

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