How Threes was Made

Are you a fan of the puzzle game Threes? Do you have a few hours on your hands that you can spend not paying Threes? If so, you should check out the latest blog post from the developers. They’ve published a set of emails and text messages between the team that tracks the year-long development of the game in exhaustive detail.

The impetus for publishing the emails is because the game has been cloned a few times, starting about three weeks after its release. Their goal is to show how much incredibly hard work goes into making an original game, even one that seems somewhat basic, like Threes.


And once you start reading, you’ll see how much thought and work went into the making of this game. Loads of ideas are introduced, clarified, tweaked, and abandoned before they came up with the finished product. The post also has tons of screenshots and gifs of early versions of the game, and even links to download and play some versions.

So give it a read, and give it some thought, and maybe don’t rush out to download a clone of an original game next time one hits the App Store.

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