How Mobile Has Disrupted Game Design

If you want to make games, a good question to ask yourself is whether you should attend college to study in one of the many game design programs that are popping up across the country. The answer, according to Fastcolabs, is: not necessarily. Why not? In large part, it’s thanks to mobile games.

According to Doug Schilling, the department chair at DigiPen Institute of Technology, mobile games are an easy way for new programmers to get experience making games. To make an iOS game, all you need are some basic coding skills and a $100 development kit from Apple.

Of course, the schools that teach game design are preparing students for the new world of mobile game design. Schilling says, “Mobile is definitely a major change… Students are learning why these monetization techniques are of such interest to publishers, and how game design and development convert an F2P player into a paying customer.”

Still, if you want to make games for a living, a degree in game design won’t hurt your chances of success. For one thing, you’ll learn the basics of game design without having to find your own way, plus you’ll make potentially important contacts in the game design world. Making games is a collaborative profession, so anyone you meet in the field could potentially lead you to a job.

If you’re thinking of designing games for a living, check out the Princeton Review’s list of the top game design programs in the country for more information.

You can read the full article here for more information.

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