Hector Developer Straandlooper Reveals New Game Concepts

Straandlooper Studios, the Irish animation studio responsible for creating Hector: Badge of Carnage, has revealed three brand-new game concepts. But don’t expect these to be available soon– Straandlooper says they are still seeking funding, so these games are still very early in development.

Thunder in Donford

The first game concept is for Thunder in Donford, described as a point-and-click adventure similar to Hector. The main character of the game is a British trucker named Trev Duvay, a paranoid conspiracy theorist.

The Sirrush Conundrum

The second game is called The Sirrush Conundrum, a puzzle game set in the high-stakes world of corporate espionage. You play as James “Newt” Newton Wellbeloved, who is on the run from a “kill order”. Elements of the plot will also include psychics and mysterious artifacts,

Schrodinger’s Cat

Straandlooper’s third upcoming game is called Schrodinger’s Cat, based on the famous physics thought experiment. The game is described as part puzzler, part platformer, where you play as a cat superhero who is both alive and dead. The concept sounds pretty heady, and the early artwork looks promising.

To read more about Straandlooper’s upcoming games, visit their website. When we learn more about these games, or receive any trailers or screenshots, we’ll be sure to update you. Meanwhile, let us know in the comments: Do any of these game concepts appeal to you?

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