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Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1 Review

There’s a very particular audience in mind for the first episode of Hector for the iPhone: it’s aimed squarely at devotees of the Lucasarts adventure games like Secret of Monkey Island and British police parodies like Hot Fuzz. This first episode offers just enough, plot-wise, to get you interested in the next one, and it’s chock-full of some extremely amusing situations and witty dialogue.

You play as Hector, a crude but effective officer of the law in the tiny UK town of Clappers Wreake. While the game skirts around the edges of what’s acceptable on the App Store (the game is not explicit so much as suggestive), you’ll meet plenty of miscreants and perverts in this first episode. There’s a prostitute whose garter belt makes for a fan belt for your beat-up police car, and a heroin junkie who falls asleep in a life-sized sex doll package, with hilarious results.

Nothing dodgy about this situation.

Hector has been called from a post-binge slumber to his latest case: A nut-job has been picking off police officers in a hostage situation. Getting to the scene of the standoff is your first major task, and then you’ll have to meet his three unusual (and civic-minded) demands. One of these includes shutting down the town’s largest pornography outlet, which gives the developers an opportunity to make plenty of naughty jokes.

The animation and voice work in Hector episode 1 is top-notch. We found ourselves enjoying the cutscenes consistently, even if we were occasionally frustrated by some of the gameplay mechanics. Compared to highly polished App Store adventure games like Broken Sword: Director’s Cut, Hector’s controls can be a tad unwieldy. You’ll have to ‘pixel hunt’ for interactive objects, dragging your finger over every part of the background. One tap looks at an object while two taps interacts with it, which can lead to some incorrect commands or skipped dialogue.

Wonder if the porn superstore contributed to Ali’s blindness.

Also, the game lacks a hint system, which can lead to a few frustrating dead-ends. In Secret of Monkey Island, you could shake the device for an instant hint, but Hector forces you to figure it out on your own, or look up the answer online. This may be because the entire episode will last a few hours if you explore exhaustively, and much less if you look up the solution.

Hector: Episode 1 is a great start to a promising new adventure series. Though it ends on one heck of a cliffhanger, we’re sure this loudmouth lout will be back soon with another ridiculous assignment. If the series continues to improve, it could turn into a Must Have even outside of the specific intended audience.

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Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1 Walkthrough Online

The funny folks at Straandlooper want to give you a hand with their game Hector: Badge of Carnage, but they’ll still make fun of you for asking for help. A walkthrough in the style of Hector, the game’s surly main character, is now available online. Some examples of Hector’s cutting remarks can be found ahead!

Like some classic adventure game walkthroughs, this Hector walkthrough reveals only the degree of hints you’re looking for. These are the intros to the first two parts of the game:

Part 1: The Cell

Well, stuck on the first room, are we? Tut tut, you sad pathetic drunk in moth-eaten yellowed underpants (and I’m not talking about the game here). Let’s see if we can at least get you out of the starting block before you assume your usual submissive role of “quitter”.

Part 2: The Station

I love that look you get on your face when you’re frustrated. Fat, pouty lips, crossed eyes, eyebrow furrow deep enough to hide a German soldier in, acne-flecked skin pockmarked with anger and twisted into a hideous sneer of confusion… oh, that’s just your regular face. Sorry.

For more helpful heaps of abuse, head over to the Hector: Badge of Carnage walkthrough here.

Slide To Play Q and A: Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1

Irish animation studio Straandlooper is making their iPhone debut soon with Hector: Badge of Carnage Episode 1 “We Negotiate With Terrorists”. Hector is a comedic adventure game that looks to push the boundaries of good taste (the series was originally titled Hector: Fat Arse of the Law). We spoke to Hector creator Dean Burke about what to expect from the series.

Who is Hector, and who is his police partner?

Dean: Well the game is a crime spoof, placing you in the shoes of Detective Inspector Hector, a flawed, misanthropic anti-hero with his standard issue, “thick as a stick” partner, Constable Lambert.

Episode one begins when a hostage crisis kicks off in the town of Clappers Wreake, the crime capital of Britain. The Police have a “we negotiate with terrorists” policy, so Hector has a tough decision to make: Either execute the terrorist’s strangely unselfish demands, or watch as his fellow officers are picked off one by one. Hector’s still on the fence. Not only that, still hung over from last night’s party for one, simply getting to the crisis could prove messy.

You’ll get to investigate the filthy corners of Clappers Wreake, using your witty banter to provoke and offend the unusual characters you encounter in order to crack the various twisted puzzles and dilemmas thrown at you.

Do you plan on releasing these games episodically? How often?

Dean: Hector: Badge of Carnage is a three part episodic game, the series debuts with the thrilling We Negotiate with Terrorists! Each episode has its own unique story ending in a nail-biting cliffhanger, plus there’s an overall story that will tie together toward a climactic payoff.

Production time on each episode is around 4-6 months, so if all goes well once we straighten out little things like funding, budget and schedule, we should be able to start work on the next two episodes promptly. The plan is to make each one bigger and better than the one before it, keeping the gameplay fresh with new types of player challenges. This won’t be easy as the first episode is already mind-blowingly incredible.

Any plans to support the iPad?

Dean: For now you’ll be able to play the iPhone & iPod Touch version of the game on the iPad. The iPad is just about to surface here in the UK, but once we get our hands on one we’ll see if we can work something out.

How will your studio try to push the limits in terms of humor and good taste?

Dean: Hector: Badge of Carnage will be 17+ so it’s not for everyone, but when coming up with game content we never let things get too unrestrained. For the most part the humour is appropriate for the situations Hector finds himself in and ultimately, it’s a comedy, so it’s all in the name of entertainment! Hopefully you’ll have as much fun playing it as we had in bringing it all together.

What does your game do differently from a lot of the other adventure games on the iPhone?

Dean: Well, we’ve updated the point-and-click control interface and relabeled it “touch & slide” to better suit the touch-screen platform. So it’s very easy to pick up and use.

To date many of the iPhone point-and-click style games have largely been ports and updates of existing games, Hector: Badge of Carnage is an entirely original idea exclusive to the iPhone. Just as with the classic point-and-click games that paved the way, characters, humour and story drive the game, making poking around, exploring and achieving tasks a gratifying way for any player to keep themselves amused. Plus, you get to smack a tramp with a crowbar, proposition ladies of the night and kick a junkie. Can you ask for anything better than that?!