Hands-On With LambdaMu’s Three New Games

Remember Pixel People from LambdaMu, the free-to-play city building game so addictive that Chris was forced to delete it out of pure self-preservation? We had a chance to catch up with Pixel People’s creators at GDC, where they shared three new upcoming games (all of them freemium) that have the potential to be just as disruptive to our free time.  

Pixel Powers


A spin-off of the absurdly addictive Pixel People, LambdaMu’s latest retro-styled sim focuses on superheroes. While it looks just like Pixel People, in Pixel Powers the levels are all pre-built, and unfortunately you can’t use your maps from the original game.

In Pixel Powers, your town is starting to fall apart at the seams due to fires, alien invasions, and other disasters. You’ll have to dispatch superheroes, each with a particular specialty, to save the day. Superheroes can solve the crisis faster if they’re better suited for the task, and if they team up, it will further reduce the countdown timer and free them up sooner for the next job.


When you’re through managing mini-crises across the map, you can sign up your heroes for a mission, like destroying an errant asteroid. On these quests, you can fight individual battles, but it’s possible to run out of stamina and lose the mission. If you need more heroes, you can create them using bits of gear like capes, helmets, and utility belts.

Like Pixel People, Pixel Powers will be a free download, and it’ll be available later this year on the App Store.

Are You a Dodo?


A combination of Warioware and Who Has the Biggest Brain?, Are You a Dodo? is a free-to-play puzzle collection published by Chillingo that will test your logic, dexterity, and memory. You pick a minigame in each of those three categories, then race against the timer to solve as many simple puzzles as you can for a high score.

The logic game we played had you adding and subtracting dice, while the memory game required you to memorize the order of animals on pedestals. The dexterity game was more like a shooter, forcing you to pick the correct targets as they popped up on screen.

Are You a Dodo? has bright and cartoonish illustrations, like plush mice and lions, in each minigame. It’s a nice upgrade from Pixel People’s low-res figures. Online features such as head-to-head challenges with Facebook friends seem like they’d be quick and easy fun, with a bit of brain-training on the side.

Dice Soccer League


We reviewed Dice Soccer back in 2011, and thought it was a unqiue combination of lucky dice rolls and strategic soccer-themed stats. It’s since been pulled off the App Store so that LambdaMu can update it with completely new visuals and gameplay modes.

The new Dice Soccer League is better in just about every way. It has improved graphics, with much more detailed soccer stars and bright, smooth animations. It’s also got more depth, with players that you can unlock through a card pack system. Player attributes, countries, and names are now randomly generated, resulting in far more players than the original game’s 100.


Dice Soccer League will also have online and social features. You can play in a weekly tournament with 20 random opponents and trade cards with other players. Dice Soccer League will be available as a free download later this summer.

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