Hands-On Gameloft’s Upcoming iPad Games, with Videos

With recent releases like Brothers In Arms 2: Global Front HD, Iron Man 2 for iPad, and James Cameron’s Avatar for iPad, it’s clear that Gameloft is putting a lot of effort into porting their iPhone games to the iPad. In Paris we got a look at three upcoming ports that are currently in the works. See below for details and videos, and check out more screenshots to the right.

Gangstar: West Coast Hustle HD

We loved this Grand Theft Auto-inspired open-world crime spree on the iPhone, and now it’s being optimized for the big screen. The game is pretty much the same as the original, but it uses the iPad’s extra horsepower to increase the drawing distance and add more cars and pedestrians to the streets. You’ll also find a new grenade launcher and golden versions of the weapons to help you bring down your enemies. The city map in the corner can also be resized to your liking. We don’t have a solid release date on this, but the version we played looked close to finished, and the developers say it will be released soon.

GT Racing: Motor Academy HD

Another game that’s getting the upgrade treatment is Gameloft’s realistic racing game GT Racing: Motor Academy. Like the original, the HD version features over a hundred cars, from the fastest Ferraris to the original Ford Model T. Like Gangstar HD, the game has improved drawing distance over the original, and also includes a couple new camera views for the races. The developer talked a lot about the graphics, and we can confirm that the game looked stellar. GT Racing: Motor Academy HD will be released in June.

Blokus HD

Continuing the trend of board games hitting the iPad, Gameloft is working on an upgraded version of their iPhone game Blokus. With more space to place your blocks, the iPad version has some obvious advantages over the excellent iPhone version, but it also includes an exclusive pass-and-play multiplayer mode that lets you play with up to four players locally on a single device. When we saw it, the graphics were very bright and clear, but because it’s not as reliant on flashy visuals, this game will live or die by the quality of its gameplay. Blokus HD doesn’t have a definite release date, but we’ve been assured that it’s coming soon.

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