Halfbrick Announces Bears Vs. Art

The upcoming Angry Birds soft launch isn’t the only reason Canadians and Australians can consider themselves lucky today. Halfbrick, the developer of Fruit Ninja and Jetpack Joyride, has just soft launched their next game in those two territories. It’s called Bears Vs. Art, and you can watch the trailer below.

bear-vs-art-3 bear-vs-art-4a

The game is about a bear who gets upset when humans tear down part of his forest to build an art museum. So he makes it his mission to infiltrate the museum, make his way past the formidable security measures, and destroy as much art as he can. The game is free-to-play, with each level acting as a puzzle for you to solve. If the soft launch goes well, expect to see it on App Stores worldwide soon.

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