H.P. Lovecraft Card Game Necronomicon Announced

In an App Store already swirling with unspeakable horrors, something ancient is stirring, waiting to be reborn. Brace yourselves for the madness that is The Neconomicon Card Game, based on the work of H.P. Lovecraft, the creator of Cthulu.

Billed as a role-playing card game, Necomonicon is apparently designed for quicker gameplay sessions and will take some influence from dice-rolling tabletop RPGs. We know that achievements will let you unlock new cards, but we’re unclear about whether this will be a primarily single-player experience, or allow you to play against other masters of the occult in multiplayer.

Downloadable expansion packs will also be available, and the game will start with 80 illustrated cards.

For anyone who has ever wanted to immerse themselves in the world of Lovecraft in an interactive form, this line from the press release should speak to you: “During the game you’ll take on a variety of roles, becoming both investigators and innocents swept up in a battle against cosmic horrors. With the help of allies, weapons, secret information, strategy, and a few turns-of-fate, you’ll attempt to stop the minions of Cthulhu from entering our world.”

Nothing can stop The Necronomicon Card Game from entering our world, but based on this early information and images, that doesn’t sound so bad. The game will be terrorizing your sanity in late June/ early July.

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