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Guns'n'Glory AD-FREE is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Guns’N’Glory Review

So often we sympathize with the salt-of-the-earth settlers in their horse-drawn wagons who marched westward to find their fortunes. Guns’N’Glory offers a different set of heroes: the banditos, Indians, and Civil War deserters who mugged them of every last cent.

In Guns’N’Glory, you play as the bad guys, hiding out on the top of a cliff, waiting in ambush for settlers to pass through. You can hire different types of robbers, and every settler you destroy as they pass by will earn you some money. If enough escape, they’ll alert the sheriff and it’s game over.

Sheriff Woody’s not coming to the rescue.

Unlike in many tower defense games, you can move your outlaws around freely on the map, using them to pick up temporary speed and strength boosts. The exception are your railroad-mounted Gatling guns, which can only move along the train tracks.

The controls in Guns’N’Glory, to their credit, couldn’t be any simpler. You just tap a bandit to hire them, and tap again to move them to an ambush spot. Later in the game you’ll unlock the ability to upgrade their weapons.

The graphics in the game are also appropriately simple, with smiling cartoon bandits and settlers. The settlers look absolutely adorable, even when their bonnet or hat is set on fire by a flaming arrow.

Eat lead, brave settlers!

Our main complaint with the game, besides the fact that there aren’t too many different types of bad guys to control, is that Guns’N’Glory lacks a fast-forward button. Sometimes you’ll have to wait a long time to finish a round, and a fast-forward feature like the one recently added to another Western tower defense game, Cowboys vs Zombies, would be a big help.

If you don’t feel like paying $3 for the full, ad-free version, you can also download a full, ad-filled version here. The ads aren’t terribly intrusive, but they do stay on the screen while you play, so we would recommend buying the full version if you like the game.

Guns’N’Glory has a lot of guns, but not a lot of glory, unless you think there’s something noble about robbing innocent people and stealing their loot. Just tell yourself: Bandits have to eat, too.

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