Gun Strike

Gun Strike is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Gun Strike Review

Gun Strike is a fairly basic targeting game with sharp, cartoonish 3D graphics and the usual three-star per level structure. The game hearkens back to the days of arcade-style gun games, and as far as pure shooting galleries go, it’s not terrible. Unfortunately, while there plenty of levels for a $.99 purchase, there’s just not much variety.

While a lot of iPhone target shooters tend to stick to the range, with flip-up mock targets, Gun Strike at least throws you into the fray against armed soldiers. Each level spews out waves of three or four bad guys, all of whom will start shooting with only a minor delay to aim. Some of the soldiers use guns, while others use more explosive ordinances like grenades.

You earn money for each successful kill– and more for head shots and chains– which can be used to buy guns, armor, health, and ammunition. While the pistol is infinitely supplied with bullets, the other guns can run dry during the level. There are 17 different weapons to collect in all, and grenades as well.

Eat my de_dust.

The action takes place across seven backdrops in the full version (the free app comes with two), totaling 70 levels. The problem is that the maps are just static scenes where enemies roll in from the sides. There’s no interaction with the levels, no destructible scenery, and no variation beyond more enemies popping up.

The other major problem is the control scheme. Instead of using something touch-screen centric, like tapping on enemies to shoot, the game uses an invisible d-pad to move the gun around. The current gun is always on screen, shown from a first-person perspective to give the illusion of looking down the sights. Unfortunately, this method of control just feels clumsy and unresponsive. This is especially true when playing on the iPad, where players just have to work harder to quickly move the crosshairs from one side of the screen to the other.

Gun Strike is clearly geared for the smaller screen, although the trade-off is how small everything else is. To compensate, the game’s hit detection is exceedingly generous. Nearly any successful hit seems to register as a head shot, although given how huge the heads of the enemies are, this isn’t surprising.

These are pretty major strikes for a shooter, but taken as a straightforward shooting gallery, Gun Strike is passable. Unfortunately, it’s not much more.

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