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Groovin' Blocks is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Groovin’ Blocks Review

A common trend for the Match-3 genre is for developers to take the overused concept and add a twist to it. Groovin’ Blocks is just one example of such an experiment. Originally a WiiWare title, the game has finally made it to the iPhone. The results of the port are successful, even if it is missing some crucial elements that take away from its replay value.

At it’s core, Groovin’ Blocks is a simple Match-3 game with catchy graphics. The catch comes in with the music. Along each side of the screen, bars representing a beat to the music will scroll along towards the blocks. If you hit the drop-down button right on a beat, the blocks will light up and be worth more points. Miss the beat and they will be worth less. Also, if you have a power-up block, dropping it down on a beat will activate it. There are also superbeats, which give you a score bonus.

Tetris’ younger brother.

Groovin’ Blocks comes with an original soundtrack, which can be sampled and bought from iTunes here. The music isn’t bad, and it gives a variety of beats so each level feels a little different in its progression. With 50 stages spread over three difficulty levels, there is a lot of content to play through.

One of Groovin’ Blocks’ biggest issues is the high level of difficulty. After running through the easy mode with ease, we were surprised after not reaching the score mark on the normal difficulty to unlock the next level or upgrade for our power-ups. We would have liked to have seen a more adjustable learning curve, considering the different block formations and power-ups that don’t come into play before later difficulty levels.

Time to make a big move.

Another oversight was the lack of online leaderboards. While there is enough content to do without them for some time, after beating the game there is no reason to keep playing. Competitive online scoring would go far for this game.

When it comes down to it, Groovin’ Blocks is another solid entry into the Match-3 genre. If this mix of matching and music sounds like something you might like, we recommend checking this out or at least picking up the lite version.

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