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GravBot Review

Gravity flipping in games is nothing new, so GravBot isn’t a wholly original puzzle game. However, in this case Team Phobic rose above this obstacle by using expert level design and lots of polish. We just wish it lasted a little longer.

GravBot allows you to turn gravity up, left, and right when on the ground. Each puzzle requires you to use this to overcome seemingly insurmountable obstacles in order to collect all the battery pieces in each level. To add another layer of challenge, many levels have spikes, enemies, switches, and the rest of your usual array of puzzle elements. The challenge ramps up at a smooth pace so you’ll always be able to solve the puzzle.

Gravity: Not a problem.

GravBot also has super-tight touch button controls and smooth pinch and drag camera movement to scroll around the level (a feature you’ll need to use to succeed). We’re quite sure that no other game starring a clunky computer monitor on a wheel has better controls.

A 12 level tutorial is available with the free download of GravBot. If want to dig into the meat of the game, however, you’ll need to pony up and buy level packs. Each of these contains 20 levels and costs $0.99 per. That makes for 52 puzzles including the tutorial– all of which can easily be blown through in a single sitting. Needless to say, more content would be nice.

Additional features in GravBot include Plus+ and Retina graphics, which look great. It should be noted that we did experience a few crashes on our iPhone 4 between levels, although it isn’t anything game breaking. In short, give the tutorial a try to see if GravBot is for you.

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