Google Releases World Wide Maze

Google has just released World Wide Maze, a browser game that you can play on your computer using your phone or tablet as a controller. This comes just a month after they released a similar browser game called Super Sync Sports. The difference is, World Wide Maze is actually pretty fun.

The game plays a lot like Super Monkey Ball: you control a marble that you make roll and jump by tilting your phone and pressing large onscreen buttons. The goal is to collect as many blue orbs as possible and make it to exit in under 300 seconds. That’s all there is to the gameplay.


But the neat part– aside from the basic idea of using your phone to control a game on your computer– is that the levels you play are based on websites. You can turn any website into a playable level just by entering the URL. These levels aren’t just flat surfaces, either. The game turns them into complex environments full of ramps and elevators.

To play the game, you have to have the Chrome browser installed on both your computer and your phone. On your computer, click here to go to the game’s site. You then connect your phone to your computer by following the directions. Once your devices are synced up, you’re ready to go. We started out on an extremely basic level based on, but then graduated to, where the fun really began. Try it for yourself.

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