Google Releases a Browser Game You Can Control with Your Phone or Tablet

Google has released a barebones browser game for computers called Super Sync Sports. The neat thing about it is that you can control the game using your smartphone. It even supports four-player multiplayer. But before you dive in, be aware that the game itself is nothing to get excited about. In a blog post, Google says they made the game to show developers what’s possible with the Chrome browser.

To set up the game, you first need the Chrome browser on both your computer and your phone. In Chrome on the computer, click here to go to the game’s site. It’s a sports game (we use the term loosely), so you can choose to play three different modes: running, cycling, and swimming. Pick one, then pick singel-player or multiplayer, and it will walk you through the process to connect your phone. Basically, it has you go to and type in a short code that syncs up your two versions of Chrome.

Super Sync Sports is clearly a proof of concept rather than a deep game. The control method changes slightly, but each game has you do nothing more than flick the screen as fast as you can with two fingers. Still, it’s kind of a neat proof of concept, and it could pave the way for interesting game ideas down the road.


Super Sync Sports on computer


Controller on smartphone

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