Glu’s Freemium Line-Up: Gangstas, Assassins, and Bugs

Developer Glu has a new line-up of freemium games scheduled to be released in the coming months, and we went hands-on with three of them. One is about a gang turf war, one is about assassination, and one is about cartoon bugs. All will be universal apps and will be free to download. Read on for the details.

Big Time Gansta

Big Time Gangsta is Glu’s answer gang-based social games like Mafia Wars. In this game you play as a gang leader who’s been away for a while, and you come back to your turf to discover that your territory’s been scooped up by rival gangs. Obviously, this aggression will not stand. So you recruit new gangstas, level them up, equip them with the baddest weapons you can afford, and send them into battle.

The battles are shown from a side-view perspective, and they occur in real time. So you tap one of your gang members to highlight him, and then repeatedly tap a rival gang member to riddle him with bullets. to start shooting. When your highlighted character has to reload, you can switch to another character to keep firing. You can only have three gangstas in battle at a time, but if one falls you can send another in to take his place.

As you play, you’ll accrue in-game currency that you can use to buy weapons and to hire new gang members, but you can also pay real-life money if you want to get ahead quickly.

Contract Killer

Contract Killer is a freemium sniping game. You play as a hired assassin who’s sent into situations in order to take out one or more targets as they go about their business. Depending on the mission, sometimes they’ll try to escape if you miss them with your first shot, while other times they and their crew will fire back, making it harder to complete your mission.

Each location is rendered in 3D, and you can unlock different vantage points for easier access to your target. Similar to Big Time Gangstas, you’ll be able to use both in-game currency and real-life currency to buy better weapons and extra ammo. This is the game we thought looked the most promising, as the sniping missions are tense and highly skill-based. Plus, sniping is fun and humans are the most dangerous game.

Bug Village

Obviously, Bug Village is a bit more family-friendly than the others. It’s a pretty basic bug colony sim, in which you send ants and bees to collect resources that you can use to build bug houses and other tiny structures. If you keep at it, you can create a bustling colony with dozens or even hundreds of cute, cartoony bugs going about their business.

The game’s done in 3D, and you can zoom out to see your whole colony at once, or way in to see what individual critters are up to. When your bugs get hungry, you can purchase cookies and sugar cubes to give them their strength back. Once again, the game operates on hard and soft currencies.

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