Glu Games on Sale for $0.99

If ever there was a great time to be an iDevice owner, it’s now. Following the recent EA and Gameloft sales, Glu is dropping the prices on a number of their big-name games to $0.99 as well. We’re not sure how long the sale will last, so hurry up if you’ve had any of these titles on your wishlist. We have the full list of games, with reviews and iTunes links, after the jump.

1000 Find ‘Em All: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Beat It: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Bonsai Blast: Not Reviewed (ReviewiTunes Link)

Brain Genius Delus: Not Reviewed (ReviewiTunes Link)

Build-A-Lot: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Cooking Star: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Cops & Robbers: 2/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Deer Hunter 3D: 2/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Family Guy Uncensored: 2/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Glyder 2 for iPad: 4/4 (for iPhone version) (ReviewiTunes Link)

Jump O’Clock: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Mini Golf Wacky Worlds: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Space Monkey: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Super KO Boxing 2: 3/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

Transformers G1: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

World Series of Poker Hold’em Legend: 4/4 (ReviewiTunes Link)

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