Glu Announces Freemium James Bond Mobile Game for Summer 2015

Glu Mobile, the developers of dozens of successful freemium series like Gun Bros, Frontline Commando, and Deer Hunter, recently announced that they’re working on a new game starring super spy James Bond, available in 2015. According to a press release, “the game is inspired by the franchise’s rich history, themes, characters, and narratives,” which indicates to us that it’s not based on just one film or actor. 


In January, Glu launched a game based on the reboot of Robocop, which we gave a Must Have score and described as a challenging and addictive shooter, despite the annoying requests for in-app purchases. A cover-based shooter like Robocop might be a good model for a Bond game, although we’d probably prefer a complex, varied gameplay experience like in the classic console games Goldeneye 007 or From Russia With Love.

Glu also announced some financial details from this licensing deal. According to the press release, the Bond game’s release next year “will trigger the vesting of 1,000,000 shares subject to the warrant that Glu issued to MGM Interactive in July 2013. This warrant has an exercise price of $3.00 per share and is exercisable only for cash.”

Source: Glu Mobile

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