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Glider Classic is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Glider Classic Review

Who remembers spending portions of their childhood folding sheets of paper into airplane-like shapes, and trying to get them to soar as far as the wind and air would take them? A Macintosh classic ported to iOS, Glider Classic looks to recapture that spirit by putting you in control of an admittedly odd-looking paper airplane. Using the simple virtual buttons on either side of the iPhone screen to move the plane left or right, your goal is to see to it that your plane soars as far as it possibly can through a house, without letting it touch the ground.

Of course, this is easier said than done. As the plane glides, it constantly loses altitude, and its distance is frequently hindered by many obstacles throughout the unseen owner’s home. Cabinets, storage containers, drops of water, and poorly-wired electrical outlets all conspire to bring your plane crashing back down to the Earth from whence it came. Or the living room carpet, at any rate.

Bob and weave.

However, not every obstacle is a hindrance, as many are designed to assist you (though under the right conditions, they can still impede your progress). Balloons that block your descent, vents that elevate your plane with a gust of air, and air ducts that act as warps to other parts of the home are spread throughout, keeping you airborne and moving you past otherwise insurmountable barriers to new parts of the home.

Along the way, you can collect precariously-placed stars to further increase your score. But unfortunately, there does not seem to be a way to increase your lives, which are represented by the four sheets of paper used to make the planes. As a result, once your sheets of paper are finished, so are you.

Let’s all inhale helium!

The game is a textbook example of “easy to learn, difficult to master,” though as you learn the ins and outs of the house, you’ll no doubt manage to get a little further than before and increase your score that much more. Furthermore, the game does a wonderful job of not overwhelming you with too many new elements at once, introducing new obstacles gradually and allowing you to learn how everything works at a steady pace. Some of them may get you the first time you encounter them, but their tricks are easy enough to pick up on for your next time through.

There isn’t much else to say about Glider Classic. Sometimes less is more, and the developers seem to have struck a desirable balance here.

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