Get ‘Threes’ free at Starbucks

One of our favorite puzzle games is free this week — if you go to into a Starbucks, that is. That’s right, Threes is the Starbucks app of the week, so each location should have a stack of cards on the counter, each with a promo code to download a copy of the game for free. Ask that barista you have a crush on for details.

Threes is a unique matching game that’s (as the saying goes) easy to play but tough to master. It’s one of those games where you’ll feel really good about your new high score until you look at the leaderboards, at which point you’ll probably just curl into the fetal position and weep quietly all night. But if you don’t look at the leaderboards, you’ll have a lot of fun matching and combining numbers until the cows come home.

If you’re not a Starbucks regular, however, you’re probably better off just buying the game, seeing as it costs less than your typical latte.

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