GeoSpin is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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GeoSpin Review

As Destructoid’s Jim Sterling recently stated in his weekly Jimquisition video feature, ‘Fun is paramount.’ GeoSpin may be full of colorful eye candy and a 3D spin on color/shape matching, it isn’t fun to play for more than five minutes. After that, you risk your hand cramping.

GeoSpin’s concept is actually pretty intriguing. You’re tasked with placing shapes of various sizes and colors from around the screen to the corresponding side of a complex polygon. The side must be facing you in order to place the piece.

The problem is that swiping around the 3D object is a little tight, and the speed at which you’re expected to complete each level requires you to move quickly. There’s a lot of frantic swiping and dragging due to this. Our fingers got tired of this action pretty quickly, and we had to put down the game.

Taking the Geo for a spin.

The two game modes aren’t all that interesting, either. Time attack has eleven polygons with three levels of difficulty, the hardest of which is nearly impossible to complete in the allotted time. In order to unlock the next polygon, you must complete the previous one in a certain amount of time, and each difficulty adds more colors into the mix.

There’s also score attack mode, where you complete polygons until the timers run out. Matching shapes and colors in a specific order grants you a little extra time. Both modes feel very similar to each other, and they didn’t interest us enough to return for more.

We have to give props to GeoSpin’s visual style. The colors are vibrant, and the polygons are well-designed. Even the menus are pretty, with spinning 3D models (including a 3D OpenFeint icon, which is neat).

GeoSpin is a tough sell, and while we’d really like to love this game, some improvements need to be made first. Our tired fingers would agree.

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