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Freeverse heritage lives on in Fish!

Flick Fishing was one of the original great fishing arcade games on iOS. Well Freeverse got swallowed by ngmoco:), which was swallowed by DeNA. And DeNA really only hits our radar these days because they are making mobile games for Nintendo. So Freeverse is long gone, but not forgotten.

But, the heritage lives on in Fish! from Strange Flavour. If you liked Flick Fishing, or like fishing games, give this a shot. Also available for Apple TV, which is a bonus.

Posted March 10, 2016 by

Arcade, Fishing, Sports

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Fish! is a game from Strange Flavour Ltd., originally released 8th December, 2015 for Apple TV, iOS

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Football Manager Touch 2016

Football Manager Touch 2016 gets top marks at Touch Arcade

Despite the 3D engine disappointment, the game still stands as the king of manager games on iOS and an extremely-easy recommendation to anyone even remotely interested in sports. The game’s depth is probably incomparable to anything on the App Store, its replayability probably unmatched too, and the entertainment it offers ranks up with the best gaming experiences I’ve had on any platform. SI has put a lot of work to make the game play better on tablet, and it shows as it’s definitely the most tablet-friendly manager game to date.

While the game will entertain every player who enjoys deep management games, it truly shines when you actually know football and follow it. Why? Because there’s a sense of vindication when playing FMT 2016 that I don’t think I’ve ever gotten from another game. When that no-name player you got into your digital team at the beginning of the year ends up becoming a big signing for a real-life big team merely a few months later, then you can proudly say “I called it.” Outside the ‘moral satisfaction’ that such moments bring, they also show the game’s realism in terms of player representation, another reason why playing this game and watching the real sport end up merging together in a fabulous amalgam of sports entertainment.

Posted December 15, 2015 via Touch Arcade

Simulation, Sports

Game Center Rating: 4+

Football Manager Touch 2016 is a game from SEGA, originally released 25th November, 2015 for Android, iOS

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Real Boxing 2 CREED

Rocky Balboa Coaches You in Real Boxing 2 Creed

Vivid Games has released their much anticipated follow up to the awesome Real Boxing. This time round it is branded with the upcoming Rocky franchise spin off, Creed.

The graphics on this game are amazing — partially thanks to the Unreal Engine used. It’s also a very strategic game and not just a button masher like many similar games. Figuring out when to punch, when to guard, and when to charge ahead will be key in conquering this game. Look for open spots and choose the type of punch to fit that hole. Personally, I’m getting destroyed.

Overall a good free to play sports related game, great graphics, a great fit for boxing fans.

Posted November 18, 2015 by

Action, Fighter, Sports, Strategy

Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $19.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 12+

Real Boxing 2 CREED is a game from Vivid Games S.A., originally released 18th November, 2015 for iOS

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MLB Perfect Inning 15

Out Now: MLB Perfect Inning 15

Celebrate Major League Baseball’s new season and throw your first pitch with MLB Perfect Inning 15! Warm up in the spring season with enhanced gameplay, improved graphics, and all new game modes. Play with all the players of MLB! It’s a whole new ball game. Bring the heat!

Worth downloading if for no other reason than Madison Bumgarner of the World Champion San Francisco Giants is on the icon. Way better than that weirdo that was on there for MLB Perfect Inning 14.

Posted April 15, 2015 by

Simulation, Sports

Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $19.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

MLB Perfect Inning 15 is a game from GAMEVIL USA, Inc., originally released 14th April, 2015 for iOS

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Out Now: WWE 2K

• Authentic WWE Action, Superstar Entrances, wrestling moves, your favorite match types, and more.
• Create a Superstar: Create the Superstar you always wanted to be. Available for use in all game modes.
• Career Mode: Choose a Custom or WWE Superstar and take him through his WWE journey. Earn Respect, upgrade your skills, earn titles, and achieve goals to earn your way to the WWE Hall of Fame.
• Training – Learn how to play WWE 2K, from beginner to pro, learning the nuances of the deep gameplay in the game’s tutorial mode.
• Real-Time Multiplayer Matches- Take your created Superstar or your favorite WWE Superstar online and play against friends or the WWE Universe .
• Tons of Unlockables: Play and unlock tons of new items to further customize your created Superstar.

Posted April 15, 2015 by

Collectible Card Game, Sports

Universal Game Center Rating: 12+

WWE 2K is a game from 2K, originally released 16th April, 2015 for iOS

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Alto's Adventure

Endless Skier Alto's Adventure Released

Alto’s Adventure is a very pretty endless runner / skier. Released today by Snowman ($1.99, App Store), the game is a very beautiful looking downhill Ski Safari type game. Set in a beautiful procedurally generated alpine world, tricks are done with just one touch to jump/rotate the skier while in the air to gather coins and power up from jumps.

Beautiful game well worth the two buck price tag.

Posted February 19, 2015 by

Action, Infinite Runner, Platformer, Sports

Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Alto's Adventure is a game from Snowman, originally released 19th February, 2015 for Apple TV, iOS

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Flappy Golf

Flappy Golf Review

Based on the title, you’d be forgiven for mistaking Flappy Golf for one of the hundreds of Flappy Bird clones that have invaded the App Store. Almost universally, however, those clones were poorly made attempts to cash in on another developer’s success. Flappy Golf is different. Instead of using Flappy Bird as a template for a shoddy remake, Flappy Golf uses it as a seed of inspiration. The result is something completely different from Flappy Bird– and very fun. (more…)

Posted March 27, 2014 by

Arcade, Sports

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $0.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Flappy Golf is a game from Noodlecake Studios Inc, originally released 27th March, 2014 for iOS

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Joe Danger Infinity

Joe Danger Infinity Review

Joe Danger is a tough game to put down. The levels are just long enough where you’ll keep saying, “I’ll just play this one, and then I’m done.” It’s fast, it’s fun, it’s really all you could ask for in a game you either play for a minute, or for hours.

The way Joe Danger breaks down is as follows: you go through a course with plenty of obstacles, you collect coins, and you finish the level. Pretty simple, or so it would seem. In order to progress in the game, however, you need to collect medals. There are three medals in each level, and they’re pretty easy to get. Collect all three, and you receive what is called the “pro medal.”

If you’ve had experience with the Joe Danger series before, then Infinity continues the tradition of a great gameplay experience in a small package. If you’re new to the series, then you’re in for a treat. With bright and colorful graphics, a slew of unlockable content, and around 100 levels, Joe Danger Infinity gives you plenty to chew on at a low price. Sure, grinding to unlock everything is annoying, but the game is so fun you may not even notice. It may be a little too early to say, but this is already one of the top handheld games of 2014.

Posted January 15, 2014 by

Arcade, Sports

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $8.99) Universal Game Center Rating: 9+

Joe Danger Infinity is a game from Hello Games, originally released 9th January, 2014 for iOS

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