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Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Two Brothers Take an Emotional Quest in Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 505 Games

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons from 505 Games is a 2013 console game released now as a Universal app for iOS. This is beautiful quest game where two brothers are trying to find answers in a beautiful 3D world. There’s a very emotional story in this game and it is amazingly well done. The console version got very high ratings and this mobile version does not disappoint.

Posted October 22, 2015 by

Adventure, Platformer, Puzzle

Universal Rating: 12+

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a game from 505 Games (US), Inc., originally released 21st October, 2015

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The Beggar's Ride

Great Mobile Platformer Beggar’s Ride Magically Appears

It’s always nice to see a main character I can identify with. In Beggar’s Ride a fat old man with gray hair and a beard has gained magical powers via a discovered mask that allows vision and control of things normal mortals can not see. These special powers lead to solving special puzzles along the way. So, yeah, a puzzle platformer.

This is one of the more beautiful platformers on mobile — and that’s saying something. It’s a great sit down and play game, well worth picking up. Premium game with no IAP. Total lack of Jim Carrey is a bonus.

Posted October 21, 2015 by

Platformer, Puzzle

The Beggar's Ride is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969 for iOS

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Dust: An Elysian Tail

Touch Arcade Gives Dust: An Elysian Tail 5/5 - "one of the best games I've played on iOS this year"

Shaun Musgrave gives a glowing 5/5 to the recent release Dust: An Elysian Tail noting:

While I don’t think this version of the game is the one to beat, those who haven’t played Dust: An Elysian Tail before or simply want a portable version of the game will be well-served by this thoughtful port. If you primarily play games on your iOS device, this is an easy recommendation. It’s a substantial, enjoyable action-adventure game with superb visuals and a strong sense of style. The developer clearly took the needs of the platform into account, providing all kinds of options that make sense for mobile players, but without compromising an inch on the gameplay. This is one of the best games I’ve played on iOS this year, which I suppose is Shaun-speak for “go buy this game now, friends”.

Posted October 14, 2015 via Touch Arcade


Universal Rating: 9+

Dust: An Elysian Tail is a game from Humble Hearts LLC, originally released 7th October, 2015 for iOS

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Mos Speedrun 2

Mos Speedrun 2 Review Gets Perfect 5/5 from Touch Arcade - "But Wait, There’s More"

Carter “3 1/2 stars” Dotson took a look at Mos Speedrun 2 over at Touch Arcade and gave it a full 5/5 stars.

Will you love Mos Speedrun 2? If you loved the Mikey games, you owe it to yourself to check this out, especially since the original Mos Speedrun was a fantastic game that heavily inspired that franchise. But this sequel is definitely more for the hardcore player who doesn’t mind repetition and the high level of challenge. This was a game I quit in frustration many, many times.

Posted October 7, 2015 via Touch Arcade

Adventure, Arcade, Platformer, Speed Runner

Universal Rating: 4+

Mos Speedrun 2 is a game from Physmo, originally released 30th September, 2015 for Apple TV, iOS

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To-Fu Fury

Out Now: To-Fu Fury

Amazon game studios has been on a quite a pace lately with releasing iOS games. This one adds to the stable with a great physics puzzler / combat game with a sense of humor. Of course it has to since it’s tofu doing the fighting.

Posted July 23, 2015 by

Arcade, Physics Puzzler, Platformer, Puzzle

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $4.99) Universal Rating: 9+

To-Fu Fury is a game from Amazon Game Studios, originally released 22nd July, 2015 for Android, iOS

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Mountain Goat Mountain

Out Now: Mountain Goat Mountain

Zynga’s Mountain Goat Mountain is an endless climbing game that puts you in the hooves of nature’s best athlete: The majestic mountain goat. Think you’re a good climber? Goat for it.

Always Be Climbing.

Mountain Goat Mountain is a fast arcade game, where you climb the highest and most treacherous mountain ever seen by a goat.

JUMP up the mountain. Jump up the mountain.. Jump up the mountain… you get the idea.
CLIMB to all new heights to show your friends that when the goating gets tough, you get goating.
DODGE lots of things that when falling will most likely squish you. Collect different Goat Hats to travel to different environments, including Arizona Desert, VR Voxels, and Winter Snowland.

Posted July 17, 2015 by

Arcade, Platformer

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $3.99) Universal Rating: 9+

Mountain Goat Mountain is a game from Zynga Inc., originally released 15th July, 2015

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Adventures of Pip

Out Now: Adventures of Pip

Adventures of Pip is a top-tier platforming game that’s all about evolving from a single pixel to a multi-pixel hero, and back again.

Adventures of Pip revitalizes the classic side-scrolling action platform genre. Pip — the ultimate digital underdog – is a lowly single pixel in a 32-bit world who proves that you can’t judge a hero by the fidelity of his shaders. During the game, Pip gains the ability to evolve and grow by absorbing pixels from his fallen foes. Those same pixels can then be used to blast through environment puzzles and enemies, devolving Pip back to a single pixel. Players will explore five stylized worlds and experience up to 10 hours of epic adventure saving Pip’s village from the evil Queen DeRezzia.

Posted July 3, 2015 by

Adventure, Platformer

Universal Rating: 12+

Adventures of Pip is a game from Tic Toc Games, originally released 2nd July, 2015 for iOS

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Out Now: Heroki

Sega’s gorgeous-looking flying / platformer game, Heroki, is ready for takeoff (that’s code for “ready to download on iOS”).

• 10+ hours of deep gameplay
• Explore four stunning worlds
• Meet and befriend a cast of friendly characters
• Face dozens of unique enemies and prepare for an epic boss battle
• Discover a host of islands within your village to play mini-games and side-quests to earn special rewards
• Game Center Achievements
• 60FPS performance with beautiful console-like graphics
• iCloud saving

Posted July 2, 2015 by

Action, Adventure, Platformer

Universal Rating: 9+

Heroki is a game from SEGA, originally released 2nd July, 2015 for iOS

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