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Octodad: Dadliest Catch

Loving Father, Caring Husband, Secret Octopus, and Ridiculous Game, Octodad is Out Now

So here you are, a normal everyday kinda person, just doing ordinary everyday kinda things. Trying to go about your life when people keep looking at you accusingly. It’s almost like they have never seen an octopus dressed up as a human trying to open a particularly difficult door before.

In Octodad, the goal is to go through routine and not so routine things all without a skeletal system and without drawing too much attention to yourself. Controls are pretty good considering lack of said skeleton. Though due to the small size of the screen, they can be difficult at times. All in all a very silly, and very fun game. If you liked Goat Simulator, this will be your new favorite game. For others looking for a challenge, it’s also a great little fun puzzler.

Posted October 29, 2015 by

Adventure, Hidden Object, Physics Puzzler, Puzzle

Universal Rating: 9+

Octodad: Dadliest Catch is a game from Young Horses, Inc., originally released 28th October, 2015 for Apple TV, iOS

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I’m a sucker for physics puzzlers — and Monkeyrama feeds that hunger

I am a sucker for physics puzzlers. Monkeyrama makes no sense, but it doesn’t really need to, it’s a physics puzzler where stuff gets knocked over and blown up.

In this game monkeys with different abilities are thrown into stacks of blocks in the attempt to knock a certain number of them over. There are a few issues with this game, but it’s still a bunch of fun and a good, quick diversion.

Posted October 15, 2015 by

Arcade, Physics Puzzler, Puzzle

Universal Rating: 4+

Monkeyrama is a game from Part Time Monkey Oy, originally released 15th October, 2015 for iOS

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Super Sharp

Out Now: Super Sharp from 1Button

We’ve seen games similar to this in the past. But this one brings it all together into one really great puzzle game.

Posted October 8, 2015 by

Physics Puzzler, Puzzle

Universal Rating: 4+

Super Sharp is a game from 1Button SARL, originally released 8th October, 2015 for iOS

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Out Now: Hocus

If Monument Valley was stripped down to it’s bare Escher-inspired puzzle core, that would be Hocus. A mind-bending puzzle game set in an impossible 3D world. 50 puzzles in total, beautifully crafted.

Posted October 1, 2015 by

Physics Puzzler

Universal Rating: 4+

hocus. is a game from, originally released 1st October, 2015 for iOS

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Bridge Constructor Stunts

Out Now: Bridge Constructor Stunts from Headup Games

Stuntman and engineer in one? No problem with Bridge Constructor Stunts!

Build imposing ramps and loops to reach your goal in the diverse stages. But building structures alone isn’t enough this time: you sit behind the wheel of the vehicles yourself and have to maneuver them skillfully to the goal. Collect stars, complete daredevil jumps, flips and spectacular stunts, leaving behind a trail of destruction across the entire level to beat the high score. But you can only do all that with perfectly constructed bridges and ramps.

Posted September 24, 2015 by

Physics Puzzler, Puzzle, Simulation

Universal Rating: 4+

Bridge Constructor Stunts is a game from Headup Games GmbH & Co KG, originally released 24th September, 2015 for iOS

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Trick Shot

Out Now: Trick Shot from Jonathan Topf

A great little puzzle game from one a member of the development team of Monument Valley.

A game where all you have to do is throw a ball into a box, simple?

Trick Shot is a minimalist physics puzzler with 90 levels and an infinite supply of bouncy balls to get that perfect shot.

Posted September 3, 2015 by

Arcade, Physics Puzzler

Universal Rating: 4+

Trick Shot is a game from Jonathan Topf, originally released 2nd September, 2015 for iOS

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Angry Birds 2

Out Now: Angry Birds 2

It’s Bigger, Badder, Birdier.

After a great job of hiding in plain sight, Angry Birds Under Pigstruction 2 has been released. If you like anything about Angry Birds, this has more of it. Their are more puzzles to solve, power-ups to be won, and a daily challenge.

Angry Birds 2 is available for free with in-app purchase. The free to play is structured like a King-style Saga game with a world map to track progression, and a default five lives (lose one when failing a level).

Posted July 30, 2015 by

Physics Puzzler

Offers in-app purchases ($0.99 - $20.99) Universal Rating: 4+

Angry Birds 2 is a game from Rovio Entertainment Ltd, originally released 29th July, 2015 for iOS

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From what I hear, is a game all the kids are crazy about, even though (or because) you can name yourself any word you want, regardless of its R-rated-ness. From Touch Arcade’s 4.5 out of 5 star review: is described as an “MMO,” but it’s a lot more arcade-like in nature. You’ll start off as a single, solitary cell — yep, as in, a microscopic organism. Your objective is to simply absorb smaller cells, grow in size, and live as long as you possibly can. If you happen to get absorbed, it’s game over, and you’ll start over from the beginning. I’m leaving out the major gimmick of course, in that most of those other cells that you are eating and being eaten by are actually other players. Hence, the “massively multiplayer” part. As you’d expect, things can get extremely hectic and competitive being surrounded by a constant sea of players.

Posted July 28, 2015 via Touch Arcade

Physics Puzzler, Player vs Player, Strategy

Offers in-app purchases ($1.99 - $19.99) Universal Rating: 9+ is a game from, originally released 8th July, 2015 for Android, iOS

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