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Groove Planet

Rhythmic clicker 'Groove Planet' gets 4.5/5 from Touch Arcade

I can honestly say that Groove Planet is the first game in this genre where I actually have enjoyed the clicking, and that’s really saying something. It’s so fun, in fact, that I kinda wish they’d taken the concept even further, like allowing menu clicks to count as part of the beat so you never lose your combos, or intelligently recognizing different rhythms so you can improvise your own “tap solos” (as long as they stay in beat, of course!). That’s probably a bit too complicated to implement, and anyway, what Groove Planet does already is pretty outstanding. It’s a clicker that was clearly made by people with a deep love and understanding of music, and because of that, it just might be the most satisfying one I’ve ever played.

Posted December 8, 2015 via Touch Arcade

Clicker, Music

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Groove Planet is a game from Animoca Brands, originally released 30th November, 2015

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Guitar Hero® Live

Guitar Hero Live - Rock out with your phone out

Guitar Hero is back! This time it’s going live as the game allows players to play in front of a live audience or to strum along with GHTV, an in-game music video channel. In addition, there will be iOS compatible controllers out soon that will give the full experience, or play along using the touch only version.

While this game is free, it only comes with two songs. The full version requires buying either the controller bundle or unlocking the touch only version to get access to all of the songs. Luckily no piecemeal pay per song like last time around.

Posted October 20, 2015 by


Guitar Hero® Live is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969 for Android, iOS

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Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds

Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds Review

If you like your games to sport gorgeous audio and visuals, you’ll probably want to take a gander at Adventures of Poco Eco: Lost Sounds, which Pocket Gamer scored an impressive 9 out of 10 in their review.

Levels mainly play out like little puzzles. There are buttons to push that rearrange the scenery, and amps to find that unlock even more buttons.

It’s all delightfully sedate, and there’s a chilled out vibe that permeates everything. Some might find the hand-holding a little too tight, but in a way that’s the whole point: you’re here to see and do rather than fathom.

Posted March 23, 2015 via Pocket Gamer

Adventure, Music, Platformer, Puzzle

Universal Game Center Rating: 4+

Adventures of Poco Eco - Lost Sounds is a game from POSSIBLE GAMES Kft., originally released 16th March, 2015 for iOS

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Bardbarian Review

Bardbarian, the latest from developer TreeFortress, tells the tale of Brad, a local barbarian village protector. He’s quite used to his routine by now: He has to protect the Town Crystal by fending off the various monsters and baddies that attack. He’s so used to it, as a matter of fact, that he’s outright bored with it. He’s also a somewhat refined barbarian, having an affinity for music, and thusly strings his battleaxe, turning it into a lute. This makes the chore of defending the town much more palatable to our hero, but is it enough to keep gameplay fresh?

The game takes place over a day in the life of our hero and is divided into four chapters (morning, noon, evening, and night) that total 21 waves of bad guys to fight through. In order to keep advancing through the waves, you’ll need to collect gold to level up. You begin the game with three other members of your party, of your choosing. You start out with archers, brawlers and black mages, each with their own range of attack. Certain combinations of friends can be more beneficial at times depending on how many monsters are on screen. There are also boss fights every few waves, which keeps things interesting and tense.

Posted January 28, 2014 by

Arcade, Dungeon Crawler, Music, Strategy

Bardbarian is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969 for iOS

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