GDC 2009: Space Traders: Moon Madness Hands-On

HermitWorks is launching Space Trader: Moon Madness onto the App Store shortly. We sat down with them at GDC to checkout this new space-based offering.

The game centers around trading between the Earth, an outpost on the moon, and a space station (other locations should come in future updates). Buying cotton low on Earth and selling it for a killing on the Moon will help you reach your goal–namely, to make the most cash possible in 130 days of trading.

Each trip through space will take several days (depending on the orbital distance and the speed of your ship). Upgrades and purchasing strategy will feature highly in maximizing your results. Further, you may find different missions and quests which can help you win big.

HermitWorks plans to add multiplayer elements when iPhone OS 3.0 becomes available.

Space Trader has been submitted to the App Store, and should be available shortly at an introductory price of $0.99. We took some gameplay footage of Space Traders, which we’ll post later tonight.

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