GDC 2009: iZombie, Redneck Fishin’, Alice In Bomberland, Games That Blow

We shared a table with execs from NYC-based Sonic Boom to scope out the mobile publisher’s first iPhone games, which are due out in the next couple of months. The company has a nice range of themes going for its new apps, which are built around such disparate subjects as bloodthirsty undead, toothless yokels, and the surreal fantasies of Lewis Carroll.

First up was iZombie: Death March, a top-down action game created by the developer of Topple. iZombie consists of six scenarios plucked out of zombie movie lore, such as the infested graveyard, the high-speed truck escape, and the final extraction by helicopter.

In every case, the idea is to tap the angry undead to shoot them before they eat you. However, the mechanics are slightly tweaked from level to level; for instance, the warehouse is completely dark, so you must swivel around with a flashlight to reveal the zombies before shooting them. During the escape scene, a giant monster is giving chase, while zombies on the road slow down your truck as you hit them. You have to shoot them down and drive over them before the monster catches you.

Redneck Fishin’, meanwhile, is about as far away from a zombie thriller as you can get. After the Sheriff impounds your poor redneck’s trailer, you have to help him get his stuff out of hock by doing a little dynamite fishing. As 20 different kinds of fish swim by, you tap to set the fuse length on a stick of dynamite, and then tap again to drop it in their midst. There’s only a limited supply of explosives, so you have to nail as lucrative a group as possible every time.

Alice In Bomberland shifts gears once again to take you through the looking glass and into action puzzle territory. Each of the game’s levels has a theme based on a character from Alice In Wonderland, like the Cheshire Cat, the Mad Hatter, and the Caterpillar, among others… and they’re filled with bombs! You have to move them around with your finger, and then snuff their fuses by blowing into your iPhone’s mic. Each level has a new mechanic that fits with the themed character, such as disappearing Cheshire bombs.

Games That Blow was the last game we saw, as well as the roughest development-wise. This is a collection of air-themed minigames that you play by blowing into the mic, involving sailboats, paper airplanes, and the like. These Sonic Boom guys have an ear for catchy titles, don’t they?

These games are likely to be priced in the $1.99 to $2.99 range, and we should see them surface on the App Store in the order above, starting in the next month or two.

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