GDC 2009: SK8 Half Pipe Hands-On

Those excited by the Southern California skate scene, and the punky reggae music that goes with it, should keep an eye on iCompany’s SK8 Half Pipe, which we briefly played yesterday at GDC.

iCompany is a new developer with an interesting story. A couple of months ago, three of the company’s principals were teammates on an Orange County semi-pro baseball team, with no iPhone development plans at all. Three months’ worth of 18-hour days changed all that. iCompany now has its first game ready to go, and it’s lined up some major sponsorship support; for instance, popular SoCal reggae band Slightly Stoopid agreed to provide 20 tracks worth of music for SK8 Half Pipe.

At any rate, the app is a quick pick-up-and-play skate trick game. You gain momentum by flicking the iPhone when your skater is in the center of the ramp, and then pull tricks with two touch buttons and a d-pad. The game supports 4-player pass-and-play, and there’s an online Competition mode which will be stocked with big monthly prizes from the sponsors, like guitars, clothes, and headphones. An authentically Rasta interface ties the whole thing together.

SK8 Half Pipe has been submitted to the App Store, and should be available soon. $4.99 buys you in.

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