GDC 2009: Freeverse’s Flick NBA Basketball, Top Gun

Freeverse, developer of such fine iPhone games as SlotZ Racer and Flick Fishing, has two more iPhone games coming soon: Flick NBA Basketball and Top Gun.

Flick NBA Basketball should be here in around three weeks (“hopefully in time for the playoffs,” the producer told us) for about $4.99. Freeverse acquired the full NBA license for this game, so you can play as one star player from each of the league’s 29 teams–LeBron for the Cavs, Kobe for the Lakers, Dwayne Wade for the Heat, and so on.

The marquee game in Flick NBA Basketball is the 3-Point Challenge, which uses a simple swipe mechanic to arc the ball towards the hoop. Other included hoops-themed minigames include the Half-Court Shot, HORSE, “Hotshot” (a virtual arcade basketball machine), and the Ball Spin, where you set the ball spinning with a swipe and then balance it on a finger with tilt.

Top Gun is another Freeverse-developed game for Paramount Digital Entertainment; the companies have already collaborated on Days Of Thunder. This penchant for old Tom Cruise flicks is kind of strange, but at least Paramount’s picking good ones!

The iconic theme music, Iceman, and Maverick are all present and accounted for in this great-looking arcade shooter, although Cruise’s likeness is once again absent (and the two flyboys from the movie are flight instructors for you, the “new kid,” this time around). The best thing about this game is the “Danger Zone” mechanic, which warns you which portions of the screen are about to be subjected to enemy fire; you have to dodge away from these zones in time, or you suffer damage. Otherwise, it’s all about gunning down Russkie MiGs with your cannon, or locking-on and loosing missiles in high Cold War style. Top Gun should be out in about two weeks.

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