ZZOMS : Intrusion of Zombies

[One of the ‘What’s Hot’ games at iTunes’ Action during the 2nd week of July]

ZZOMS : Intrusion of Zombies

You can enjoy the most exciting zombie game as being an alien character, ‘ZZOMS’, by harassing and beating zombies cheerfully to feel the pleasure of victory!!

During the ‘World War Ⅱ’, UFO flying around the space was fallen by the ICBM(Intercontinental Ballistic Missile) from the earth. ZZOMS was taken to a medical lab by several soldiers and was also given anesthetics.

The gunfire of the war didn’t seem to stop! Finally, chemical and biological weapons by each side were used to entire humankind and all people became ‘ZOMBIES’!!

ZZOMS faced three situations to escape from the threats of zombies and to found his UFO again to go back to his planet!!

ZZOMS : Intrusion of Zombies’ features :
– Technically realized ‘touch-based operating system, Tappling / Sliding / Swiping’
– ‘Critical hits’ as well as sequent ‘combos’ during attacking zombies
– Total ‘three types of mini games’ as one game, following a continuing game story

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