ZX Nostalgia. Adventure edition vol.3

This application allows you to play some classic ZX Spectrum adventures. Return to the halcyon days of your youth and relive those joyous moments once again. The app is optimized for both the iPhone and the iPod and runs at 100% full speed on all models.

The games included are:

– A Fistful of Necronomicons
– Alien Research Centre
– Bugsy
– Crack City
– Demi-God
– Hit
– The Case of the Beheaded Smuggler
– The escape from Hodgkin’s Manor
– The House of the Tor
– The Treasure of the Santa Maria
– The Twelve days of Christmas
– Wizard Quest

LEGAL: Zenobi Software do hereby grant ‘ZX Nostalgia’ with full permission to utilise the titles currently included in this application in any way they see fit, provided that Zenobi Software are kept informed of all such undertakings prior to general release.

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