Zwirn is a game from , originally released 31st December, 1969

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Cheap Shot: Zwirn

When we first opened Zwirn, what we saw was a rope and two white dots. Our first instinct was to pull the multicolored twine across the aged wooden surface, so that one end touched both dots. Impressively, Zwirn teaches you what to do without a single menu or instruction.

Wind it up.

Despite its beautiful, antique aesthetic, Zwirn doesn’t offer more than the simple concept of pulling a piece of twine over all the black dots, ending on the opposite white dot. After winding through 25 levels in about 45 minutes, we had felt we had seen all there was to see, and then some.

Zwirn also has a few control issues. One is in the inverted pin movement, where the pin moves in a different direction than your finger. Also, a bug where the rope goes through the pin can force an unnecessary restart.

Until the game is further fleshed out and has some bug fixes, we can’t recommend buying this game for $1.99. There are better puzzle games to wrap your brain around.