Zwirlz is a dancing, jumping, clapping game where you actually get up and move! Zwirlz is like a Tongue Twister for Your Hands and Feet! Become a Zwirlz Superstar!

Get Up and Go!
* Memorize the Spinz song!
* Learn the Flipz moves!
* Dance with your friends!
* Create your own dance routine by changing the moves the way you want them!
* Rock the moves with an animated girl who performs with you! She even performs the dance that you have created!

Sparkle Scores!
* Earn Sparkles and Trophies and become a Zwirlz Superstar!
* Will you be the Queen of Heart, The Fastest Feet of Friday, or the Belle of Birthday?

Collect and Design Your Own Game! Rock your Zwirlz!
* Be a game Designer!!!
* Customize your dance by changing the moves and make it easier or harder!!
* Collect new Flipz and Spinz!
* Play a quick game or spend time perfecting your moves!
* Play alone, with a friend or with a whole bunch of friends!!!
* Slamz and Dazzles: fun extra games, activities, projects, clubs, contests & more!!

With Zwirlz, you will be hopping, jumping, clapping, dancing and laughing everywhere you go!!
* With your friends!
* Outside!
* Sleepovers!
* Parties!
* Recess!
* Living rooms!
* At the bus stop!
* Backyards!
* On a camping trip!
* Playgrounds!
* With your sports team!
* On a rainy day!
* On a sunny day!
* At a picnic!
* At the beach!
* With your club!
* In your room!
* With your mom!
* In the car!
* While waiting!
* With your cat!

Play the wildly-fun, dancing, clapping, laughing, jumping, get-up-and-go game for you and your friends! Zwirlz is the girl-power, real action game about everything that matters to YOU, like recess, sleepovers, being a babysitter, birthdays and changing the world!

* Zwirlz is unlike any other mobile game you’ve ever played!
* Zwirlz takes the exciting action from your fingertips into the real world!
* With Zwirlz you perform the wildly fun dance with your whole body!
* Zwirlz is fun that gets you going!

Zwirlz, Inc. is a girl-power video game company that makes wildly fun games for girls! Zwirlz takes fun very seriously! At Zwirlz, fun matters!!

Watch Zwirlz in action:

Grab your friends and your Zwirlz! Game on girls!

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