ZvN: Zombies vs Ninja

Zombie Money
It was a common autumn day in the Celestial Empire. Peasants worked peacefully in the fields taking in the harvest and preparing for the winter.

But the ancient Evil awakened in the world! There was a clap of thunder and the earth yawned. The dead driven by centuries-old hunger crawled out of their graves. The cattle was attacked, the houses were destroyed and people became their pray! In panic the peasants fled from the villages. Few of them survived haunted by the revived corpses…

But the mighty Ninjas saw the outrage in the Celestial Empire. The warriors were seized with fury and resolved to devastate all the zombies to help the peaceful workers and restore peace on earth.
Launch Ninjas using climbing irons. Cut the rope so that the falling Ninja kill as many zombies as possible.

• 12 different levels
• True to life physics
• Colorful graphics
• Smooth animation
• Exciting gameplay
• Lots of striking achievements
•Full Apple Game Center and Facebook integration
• Compare your achievements and results with your friends’!

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