ZvN: New Year

Zombies vs Ninija
New Year is a time of gauds, presents and delightful performances.
New Year in the Celestial Empire is rides, fireworks and happiness on people’s faces … But evil corpses are crawling out from the ground again! They also want to celebrate, to wheeze and have fun, eat people and ride on a merry-go-round, drink blood and champagne. Zombies are going to spoil the holidays and take over the city! People desert their homes in fear and forget about gifts and joy. Disgusting creatures play on swings instead of them, drink Christmas cocktails, fly kites.
The mighty Ninjas take up arms again to destroy the limbs of hell, free the city and bring the celebration back. Will they be able to mop up the streets of the walking dead and remind them who the boss in this land is?
New kinds of ninjas! Kill zombies in new and unique ways! New levels – new round of warriors and zombies’ confrontation!

* 12 new colorful levels – submerge into the atmosphere of Christmas!
* New kinds of ninjas – new ways to kill zombies!
* New kinds of zombies – they’re ready for the holiday!
* More opportunities for levelling up – think smart!
* Share your achievements with friends on Facebook and Game Center!

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