What is red and has white spots on it? It’s a Mushroom!
Who has those strange patterns on its back? It’s a Turtle!
To whom these colorful feathers belong? It’s a Peacock!

ZOOMiN is a game which will enrich your children’s imagination. Playing it is also a lot of fun! Your children will see pictures, presenting parts of objects. As their curiosity arouse they will try to guess what it is. By tapping the image, they will see the answer – a picture of the whole object.

In this process of challenging discovery your children will enjoy beautiful pictures of some 25 objects – plants, fruits and vegetables, mammals, birds, insects and life under the sea – accompanied by sound effects. There is a button on each picture, and by tapping on it they will hear a human voice saying the name of the object.
Your children can play ZOOMiN by themselves. ZOOMiN is also a great opportunity to spend quality time of tutoring and fun with your children.

ZOOMiN is supporting 7 languages: English, Chinese, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and Hebrew. The game navigation is very simple and child oriented and does not involve any language.

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