ZooKID Runner

“Where have all my costumes gone?”

Zookid liked to collect costumes. He had a huge collection! One day, Zookid was robbed of all of his rare costumes.

As he walked out of his house, he saw a trail of parts of his costumes on the path.

“What a dumb thief! He must have dropped these things when he ran away!”

Zookid thought that he would be able to catch the thief if he ran after the things that the thief had dropped.

“Give me all my costumes back!”

This is a runner-type game, in which Zookid constantly chases and overcomes all the obstacles in the jungle that is endless.

There are many obstacles that the thief dropped on the path.
When Zookid runs, he should avoid obstacles and collect as many coins as he can at the same time.

★ Left button – forward roll / Right button – jump
★ Collecting coins adds up to your own record and allows you to go further.

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