Zoo Pops! HD

Zoo對對碰!HD 是消除可愛動物臉的消除類小遊戲。


在AppStore 最初購買或下載時收費US$ 0.99是app store為確認信用卡的海外付款可否的虛擬付款,絕不實際收費的。玩家門可以放心。

玩家越升級, 出現的動物種類也越多,消除動物也越來越難。


通過遊戲中心 (Game Center) 提供挑戰作業與網上排名服務。

古典模式可以免費下載,限時模式與無限模式通過應用程序內購買 in-app購買 的方式可以使用。
通過遊戲中心 (Game Center) 提供模式別網上排名服務。


The cutest puzzle game on iPad!
Zoo Pops! is now available on iPad.

Play fun any time, anywhere!

Zoo Pops! is the cutest match-3 and break style puzzle game.
Pop the animals with touches.

-How to play.
Move animal faces to match them up 3 or more same kind of rows.
Continue combos to get higer levels.

-You’re gonna love this hand-drawn style unique interface
-You’re gonna love the poping sounds!!

Classic mode
Play until you’re running out option for any further moves!
Try 4 or 5 in -a -row to get higher levels.

TimeOut mode.
Time drains while you’re playing.Please Hurry.
If you don’t have any choices for move, they will be shuffled.

Infinite Level Move.
How long do you think you play?
Play as long as possible to get the highes level in the world.

-Interesting Achievements and Leaderboards support (Game Center)

-Classic mode is free , Time out mode and Infinite Level mode are available through In-App Purchase.

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