Zoo Animals

*** The best zoo animal tapping sounds app for children 4 years and under! ***


“My children love the cute graphics. They can’t seem to get enough!”
– Frank Sanchez

“Very cool app. I let my son play with it when they’re bored. They really like the interactive features.”
– Janine Carter


Check out some of the features you get in the *Animals* app:

✔ Interactive touch screen feature
✔ Realistic animal sounds
✔ Cute and adorable graphics
✔ Over 25 of your children’s favorite animals
✔ Single image and multiple image functions
✔ and much more coming soon!

Download the *Animals* app today and let your children learn while having a great time!


We strive to continually improve and update this app with new materials. If you have any great ideas or suggestions, please send us an e-mail at support@motivastudios.com. Thanks!

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